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Working hours:Mon - Fri : 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is made between Astellite Pty Ltd. and the Customer or a managing director of a company with power of attorney. Before Astellite and its installation team start installing windows or doors at the client’s site, the client agrees to accept the following conditions:

  1. Site inspection (access) is required to confirm the quote. The quote is based on a standard replacement procedure. Any alteration required to make good any existing structure will be charged at an hourly rate of $75 per person, plus material costs + GST.
  2. Astellite will guarantee utmost care during the removal of old windows/doors and installation of new ones to minimize any damage to the Customer’s property. In the event of unforeseen deficiency or structural issues with the building the owner will be consulted and accounted for the additional costs to the installations.
  3. If scaffolding, ladders or lifting equipment are required for the installation, these costs will be covered by the customer after consultation with the Astellite.
  4. The area where installation will take place must be cleared to provide a safe work area inside and outside the dwelling. Our installation quotes are based on unhindered access, enabling us to start work on arrival to remove and install windows and doors without being delayed, or having to move items other than our products.
  5. Removing and reinstalling any curtains, furniture, blinds, shutters, and all other fittings, such as window dressings, can be arranged but must become part of a separate agreement or quotation. This service is charged at an hourly rate of $75 + GST per person.
  6. If Astellite incorporates or installs a product which is not supplied or manufactured by our company, we accept no responsibility and give no warranty for the performance of such items or products.
  7. During the project, the glass will be professionally stored and secured by Astellite at the customer’s site, should the glass be damage by the customer during absence of Installers during this period; the costs will be covered by the customer.
  8. Astellite is not responsible for any delays if supplier of profiles, glass and/or other materials.
  9. We strictly limit our guarantee to our own handicrafts and the work accomplished on our products.
  10. The Customer acknowledges that Astellite drawing on the Quotation are shown and viewed from the inside of the property.
  11. Additional goods and services provided outside the terms of this Contract will be payable by the Customer on a separate invoice and with terms to be agreed. Any additional goods and services will not influence in anyway the agreed terms and conditions of this original Contract.
  12. Gap filling of architraves and reveals are included only for one (1) application. Any additional work required on plastering to the perimeter, will be considerate as outside of the scope. Any plastering and painting that will be required; it will to be organised by the customer for further work.
  13. Choice of plaster groove or reveals in pre-primed pine in standard, (unless otherwise specified) for mounting.
  14. All the contracts are covered with a 7-year Warranty against faulty workmanship and a 10-year guarantee for materials (Please, refer to Manufacturer’s Warranty).
  15. After the “start time” and the date of installation has been agreed between the customer and the sales team, the customer must grant our installation team access to the construction site at the specified time on the day of installation.
  16. If the project team is not granted access and the customer does not show up on the day of installation, Astellite reserves the right to charge $75 + GST per person/ hour.
  17. The Certificate of Compliance is provided upon the full payment being received, and work completion of the Project.
  18. Delivery and installation will be within three (3) months or as agreed otherwise for standard colours, from final measurement day or Customer’s final confirmation, leading to a desired schedule date (weekends and public holidays not included). Non-standard colour profile’s availability needs to be confirmed with our suppliers and you will be notified accordingly.
  19. The Customer agrees to pay in full for windows/doors, including delivery, removing of old windows/doors and installation as per approved quotation/drawing schedule which are all inclusive of GST.
  20. Where measurements are provided by the customer, quote may be subject to change after final measurement is carried out by Astellite.
  21. For new construction builds, we will supply windows and doors to plan size only and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the openings are 30mm bigger than the window size provided.

Payment Terms

Initial Deposit

50% Initial Deposit is payable to Astellite upon the signing of the Contract for standard colour profiles. Final measurements will then be scheduled, order of goods placed, and production authorized. Should the Customer choose to cancel this Contract, the deposit paid will be forfeited.

Progressive Payment

40% progressive payment required to be clear before the agreed installation can be proceeded – failure may result in postponement of the installation, where additional costs may be incurred by the customer

Final Payment

10% payment due immediately after installation. A past due payment penalty of 2.5% per month of the outstanding balance will apply if payment is not received within 7 days following installation date.

All windows, doors and its materials supplied; shall remain the property of Astellite Pty Ltd until final payment is received by the company.

Once order confirmation is signed and deposit is paid, any changes to the order may incur additional costs as determined by Astellite Pty Ltd.

Other Terms and Conditions are as per agreed quotation/drawing schedule.

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