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Christine Jeanne

We were quite tentative in embarking on this project. We were not sure about uPVC and with 8 windows/doors to change, it’s a huge commitment.
But now, with the work completed, we are sure we made the right decision. We could not be happier with the final project.
The new windows and doors uplifted the look of the house both inside and out. The sturdiness of the windows and doors provide more security. And even though these have been in place for only a few days, we already feel a difference in heating the house.
The Astellite team was helpful and professional. We were guided through the various options and were provided with insights relevant to our home.
The installation was effortless for the team, every little problem was dealt with promptly. The work areas were left clean and spotless.
It was a worthwhile decision for us and we love the results….now for the rest of the windows 🙂

Windows measurement guide

An easy step by step guide to teach you how to make window measurements by yourself. Happy measuring!

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